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Hamilton's Choice

Why did Alexander Hamilton really go to the fatal duel? This book shows how the duel involving Hamilton's son and the psychic vulnerabilities of both Burr and Hamilton are keys to the mystery. Many who think they know Hamilton's story may be surprised to learn how the New England states' plot to secede from the union figures into the story and how Code Duello actually forbids "throwing away one's shot."


A true revenge saga in the darkest days of America's Industrial Revolution. Indicted for an election day murder of a Scottish industrialist, Bartholomew "Bat" Shea confronts a flag-waving mob and a secret nativist society who execute him for the murder even after another man confesses.

Kateri – A Beacon in the Wilderness

A heartfelt novelized biography of the first Native American saint whose intercession helped the author, who was present for the Saint's canonization in Rome.
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Into the Heartland

A love story set against the opening of the American frontier when New York Governor DeWitt Clinton decides to dig a 363-mile ditch through the wilderness. A widowed heiress risks the loss of her lands and fortunes when she falls in love with a Lake Erie ship captain and smuggler and they help Clinton complete America's first information highway.
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