DBR recently produced a You Tube channel and lyric and music videos for diverse unsigned Songwriter Jack Casey: See Jack Casey on YouTube.

“Land of Hate” is Casey’s most timely work

All DBR music from unsigned songwriter Jack Casey is available for sync and licensing.

Live Action and Mixed Media

“Goin' South” Features live action combined with animation to show a songwriter who heals his frozen heart with the music of Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans and Austin.

“Nothing Free at Graceland” Featured artist Jason Damico sings and acts in Casey’s tribute to The King of Rock 'n Roll written after a visit to Graceland on the anniversary of Elvis's death.

“Really Elvis!” A woman's fantasy changes her life after a rendezvous with The King.

“When You're Gone” A different kind of love song, again by songwriter Jack Casey.


In his thirtieth year of sobriety, Casey reflects on the desperation at closing time in his hilarious "Drink One Pretty." The female answer to this grotesque mating call is "Keep on Looking." Both humor videos were animated by BREAKIRON Animation and Design.


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