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When a political duel kills his eldest son, a Founding Father retires from public life to heal his devastated family. Two years later as a conspiracy threatens America's survival, he must choose between family and politics, and his choice triggers a traitor's deadly revenge. Although centered on Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton's Choice is a family saga, with Eliza as its heart and conscience. The story reveals a man's conflicting love for his family and duty to his country, a conflict intensified by his past: As a bastard orphan, Hamilton values his family more than most, and as the immigrant architect of federalism, he feels a more profound duty to protect his country. Hamilton's Choice echoes America's current tensions in the little-known plot of wealthy New England Puritans to secede from the union because they feared “contamination of their racial purity” by minorities from the newly acquired Louisiana Territory.

At a time when interest in Alexander Hamilton continues to build, Hamilton's Choice offers a riveting look at this flawed but heroic man of principle, caught in an impossible dilemma between the two things he holds most dear.


The true American Irish tragedy of class warfare, bigotry, politics and legal injustice allowed one man to gain power by knowingly executing an innocent man, while the victim achieved greatness in death. The true story features secret hate group rites, murder during a riot, suspenseful court room and political maneuvers and ultimately, redemption.

Kateri – A Beacon in the Wilderness

In 1660 New France, a young Mohawk girl, half-blinded and scarred, survives the smallpox that kills her parents. Despite cultural pressures and the war and massacres around her, Tekakwitha humbly but resolutely follows her heart to embrace Christianity and chastity. The purity of her devotion heals a Jesuit priest's spiritual troubles and demonstrate an extraordinary faith that cannot be stilled by death and continues to work miracles today. The inspiring true story of Kateri Tekakwitha, our first Native American Saint.
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